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International Cooperation
During the morning of 1st November 2017, F+U Group, Germany came to visit Hue Tourism College (HUETC) in order to discuss about the cooperative opportunities.
During the afternoon of 14th October 2017, Japanese enterprises came to visit Hue Tourism College (HUETC).
On September 21st 2017, Hue Tourism College (HUETC) welcomed Ms. Côté Christiane - a new volunteer from WUSC Vietnam who will work at HUETC in 12 months.
Within the cooperation framework with Nouvelle – Aquitaine region, France, during the afternoon of September 19th 2017, delegates from Nouvelle – Aquitaine region visited Hue Tourism College (HUETC).
During the morning of August 25th 2017, a delegation from Myanmar and Lux-Development under leadership of Mr. Geert De Bruycker, former Director of Operations and former Regional Representative of Lux-Dev based in Hanoi (2003 – 2007 and 2012 – 2016) visited Villa Hue hotel and Hue Tourism College (HUETC).
During the morning of July 31st , 2017, the Opening ceremony for the “Workshop on Tranferring the Quality assurance tools from Coleg y Cymoedd to the Colleges in the North,” took place in Villa Hue hotel, Hue Tourism College (HUETC).
This is the first official meeting between Hue Tourism College (HUETC) and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hue – The New National Coordinator of WUSC Vietnam.
From June 18th to June 25th 2017, Hue Tourism College (HUETC) honourly welcomed Mr. Van Buggenhout Francis who is the Director of BBI Institute in Brussels, Belgium and an independent expert of ERAMUS+. During the visit, he has done HUETC internal academic audit.
On June 23rd 2017, Hue Tourism College (HUETC) organized the Closing ceremony of “General Management” course delivered by professor Hans De Meyer from BBI Institute, Luxembourg, with the appearance of Mr. Francis Van Buggenhout – The Rector of BBI Institute in Brussels, Belgium.
Based on the cooperation program between Hue Tourism College (HUETC) and BBI Institute, Luxembourg in tourism human resource training in the period of 2016 and 2020, “General Management” course will be delivered by Professor Hans De Meyer from BBI, Luxembourg from June 12th to 23th 2017.
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Information is being updated
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