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International Cooperation
Welcome a new volunteer from WUSC Vietnam to HUETC
On September 21st 2017, Hue Tourism College (HUETC) welcomed Ms. Côté Christiane - a new volunteer from WUSC Vietnam who will work at HUETC in 12 months.

Ms. Côté Christiane will support HUETC

in Human Resourse management and training  

There were the delegate from WUSC Vietnam in Hanoi, Ms. Côté Christiane - a new volunteer from WUSC and HUETC Board of Management and Department & Functional Service’ officers.

At the meeting, the work content of Ms. Côté Christiane in an one-year mandate at HUETC was adopted. The content includes the following:

  • Design and facilitate workshops on Human Resource Management for the HUETC management team.
  • Review the Human Resource Management courses that are currently given as part of HUETC’s curriculum and recommend improvements.
  • Review, perform an assessment and recommend improvements of the Human Resource Management at Villa Hue hotel
  • Perform an assessment of the teaching methodology used by HUETC’s teachers and recommend improvements.
  • Bring the Dynamic Method of Research Employments one step further.
  • Perform an assessment of the English Club and make recommendations in order to enhance its sustainability.

Ms. Côté Christiane discussed about her work plan for an one-year mandate

According to WUSC Vietnam, Ms. Côté Christiane is an Master of Psychology and has over 35 years of experience in Human Resource Management, including: 20 years as a consultant in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development; and 10 years as a Director of Human Resources and Internal Communications.

After visiting HUETC, Ms. Côté Christiane expressed her appreciation for HUETC warm welcome. She hoped, in a year working at the school, she would learn more about Vietnamese culture and positively contribute to HUETC development.

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